We use the Beyond Whitening system from American manufacturer Beyond Dental & Health ( www.beyonddent.com ). for whitening teeth. Dental hygiene is performed before the process of whitening, and protective silicon is applied to gums.

The next step is the application of bleaching gel on front surfaces of teeth and lighting with acceleration lamp. In order to achieve the required result this procedure must be repeated three times, but the whole process does not take longer than one hour.

Fluorine paste is subsequently applied to teeth. It is important not to eat colouring food and not to smoke for 48 hours after the procedure.

What is dental hygiene?

Everyone wished to preserve his teeth as long as possible and that is what the dental hygiene is for. It is very important if you suffer from periodontitis or if you are preparing for dental examination, but plays a key role also in prevention.

What does dental hygiene cover?

Dental hygiene is a treatment-preventative method when we remove tooth tartar, plaque and colour pigmentation that could be caused by drinking coffee and tea or smoking. We will perform fluoridation of teeth and explain to you how to clean them properly so that you could take the best care of your own teeth.

What is the effect of dental hygiene?

Dental hygiene prevents the formation of bacteria by creating a natural and healthy environment in the oral cavity. It thus helps in preventing inflammation of gums and periodontitis and also significantly facilitates the work of dentist. But the most important thing is that it significantly contributes to your own sense of wellbeing.

Why do we recommend dental hygiene?

Preventive dental hygiene will help you to avoid more complicated and financially more demanding works on your teeth and therefore we recommend taking preventive examinations twice per year. The periodicity in case of more serious conditions, such as periodontitis, depends on instruction by dental hygienist and dental hygiene treatment is often necessary immediately in case of acute difficulties, bleeding or swelling of the gums.

It is vital not to postpone dental hygiene as neglecting it can lead to the loss of what we care most about - your teeth.

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