Restorative dentistry

What is restorative dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is often called also the queen of dental fields. Its turn comes in case of neglected dental hygiene, unhealthy lifestyle or simply when the organism fails to defend itself against tooth caries with natural antibodies.

What does restorative dentistry cover?

The foremost task of restorative dentistry is to prevent the occurrence of tooth caries, but if they do occur, restorative dentistry treats them early, because it removes carious matter and replaces it with a seal we know as tooth filling. It takes care also of the disinfection and prevents the penetration of disinfectant to dental pulp, or to what we know as tooth nerve.

If the penetration to the dental pulp occurs, it’s time for endodontics - it heals the tooth and saves its existence in the oral cavity.

What is the effect of restorative dentistry?

Unequivocally the preventive protection of teeth from caries. Restorative dentistry will also take care of healthy existence of teeth in the oral cavity to the highest possible age. Its effect is thus not only your smile, but especially the knowledge that your teeth are in complete order.

Why do we recommend restorative dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is performed solely in situations in which it is absolutely necessary. Our recommendation is thus a thorough and long-term preventive care of your teeth, as a result of which you can avoid restorative dentistry altogether. Therefore please read the section about dental hygiene carefully.

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