What is implantology?

Implantology is the fastest developing field of dental medicine. It has gone through a rapid development since its formation in the seventies and achieved progress that has changed the fact of modern medicine.

What does implantology cover?

Even despite its relatively young age it has so many areas that to mention all of them is beyond our abilities. We have therefore focused only on the most important ones and we can thus say that implantology will reliably take care of single missing teeth, but will also complexly deal with toothless jaws.

What is the effect of implantology?

Dental implants are actually teeth imitations which are indistinguishable from the original. There are several materials used for this effective and efficient intervention, but titanium implants are the most frequently used ones.

Why do we recommend implantology?

Implantology requires extraordinary, modern and sophisticated technology and therefore we perform it only in specific cases. Acceptance of the implant is a long-term process and each step therefore requires careful planning. The result, however, is a perfect substitution of the original tooth.

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