Dental surgery

What is dental surgery?

Dental surgery is a rather specialised field which amends deformations or disease condition or completes the treatment in a situation when conservative non-invasive treatment fails to be effective.

What does dental surgery cover?

Dental surgery can effectively deal with congenital deformations such as deformations of teeth or jaw position; but it also deals with treatment of acquired diseases.

What is the effect of dental surgery?

Dental surgery deals mainly with congenital deformations which can be corrected by surgery often up to complete aesthetic and functional rehabilitation. The situation is more complicated with acquired diseases as they are often caused by the client himself and postponing of treatment only worsens the condition.

Why do we recommend dental surgery?

Early intervention can be vital for your health as the disease can spread in form of focal infection also to other organs: ear, eye or maxillary sinus close to the brain. The key factor is thus the cooperation of every client in order to stop the disease still within the oral cavity.

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