Aesthetic dental medicine

What is aesthetic dental medicine?

Aesthetic dental medicine is one of new yet rapidly developing fields of dental medicine. Our clients care more and more about having not only healthy but also naturally-looking teeth. And that is what aesthetic dental medicine takes care of.

What does aesthetic dental medicine cover?

As the aim is beauty and beauty is based on perfection and symmetry, we approach the aesthetic dental medicine individually according to needs and wishes of the client. It can thus include anything from small fillings up to big prosthetic works, for which we use our specialised dental-technical laboratory.

What is the effect of aesthetic dental medicine?

We maybe surprise you a little by saying that the aim of aesthetic dental medicine is not shining teeth, but rather the contrary. Aesthetic works must be of course appealing to the eye and performed at the top professional level, but at the same time, every intervention done to your teeth must blend in with your own surrounding teeth.

Why do we recommend aesthetic dental medicine?

Aesthetic dental medicine is important in order to achieve that no one will notice any work done to your teeth and that everyone can focus only on the impression of unobtrusive perfection of your teeth. It is in our power to simply amend what nature created with minor defects, but especially to take care that you feel good.

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