MUDR. KRISTINA<br><strong>KARDELIS</strong>

Before I took my maternal leave I had successfully graduated from my dental medicine study at the Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University in Bratislava in 2007.

After several years of practice I was awarded the certificate in dentoalveolar surgery at the Dental Surgery Clinic in Košice. I am honoured that as one of the best students of doc. Tvrdoň I was afterwards asked to join the team of Dr. Martin Dental Clinic.

Courses and certificates

  • Traineeship at the department of dental surgery and maxillofacial surgery, Košice, 2010
  • Attestation in dental medicine, 2011
  • CERT – certification preparation, 2011
  • Certificate in dentoalveolar surgery, 2011
  • Single-tone simplicity and aesthetic invisibility, seminar, 2011
  • Regional seminar RK Košice, 2011
  • New filling materials and procedures in restorative dentistry, seminar, 2011
  • Periodontics – implantology seminar, 2011
  • Professional lectures in years 2011-2015

About us

The heart of our dental clinic, its guarantor and our inspiration, is Doc. MUDr. Martin Tvrdoň CSc. We are a specialised team of dentists with years of experience, thus giving you the certainty of top care for fair price. However, our objective is to offer you much more in order to feel as you are at YOUR dentist when visiting the Dr. Martin dental clinic.


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