Ladislav <strong>Tvrdoň</strong> (1912/1980)
Ladislav Tvrdoň (1912/1980)

The history of our dental clinic reaches back to 1941 and is closely connected with Ladislav Tvrdoň, father of our guarantor Doc. MUDr. Martin Tvrdoň, CSc..

Ladislav Tvrdoň was born in 1912 in Šurany and experienced big tragedy at a very young age. He lost both parents when he was four and was placed together with his younger brother to orphanages, with subsequent alternating care by distant relatives. Brothers met after a long time, when Ladislav was already 14 years old.

His brother Martin was always artistically inclined and more and more pursued visual arts, especially painting. His paintings from Liptov and Danube still lives are especially well known and sought after in Slovakia. He was awarded the title of academic painter for his work.

Ladislav went on another path: he served his time as carpenter’s apprentice, but was later enchanted by dental medicine. Although he could not afford the study, he refused to give up his dream. He met a Czech dentist in Bratislava and learned the vocation of dental technician; frequently observing the dentist’s work and never stopping to learn – for instance, he visited lectures organised by the Dental Clinic.

He successfully passed dentist exams and opened his own dental clinic. Jewish dentists learned and worked with him in the complicated time of wartime Germany-supported Slovak State and also helped to hide them until the end of the war without regard to risks for him. He was receiving invitations to visit USA from the rescued long after the war.

After the war he had to work hard in Juraj Dimitrov Chemical Factory, where approximately eight thousand employees worked under conditions detrimental to durable teeth. He worked also in his dental clinic until 1958, which was then confiscated and he thus retired in 1975 in Dimitrovka. He died in 1980, bust his legacy lives on: two of his four children chose the vocation of dentists.

Ladislav Tvrdoň focused in his treatment especially on the rescue of teeth, but he was also an innovator – he not only published regularly, but also registered many of his methods as the so-called improvement proposals. But the most important thing is how he is remembered by Bratislava citizens: his skills in the areas of endodontics and prosthetics were renowned; patients with his durable prosthetic works have been still proudly declaring themselves not long ago.

We are immensely proud that Dr. Martin dental clinic is a direct follower of such not only professionally but also humanly extraordinary person.

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The heart of our dental clinic, its guarantor and our inspiration, is Doc. MUDr. Martin Tvrdoň CSc. We are a specialised team of dentists with years of experience, thus giving you the certainty of top care for fair price. However, our objective is to offer you much more in order to feel as you are at YOUR dentist when visiting the Dr. Martin dental clinic.


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