Bc. JANA <strong>JUSKOVÁ</strong>

I study dental hygiene for the third year at the Faculty of Health Care of the Prešov University and despite demanding studies I continuously seek to improve my skills. I conducted four-semester professional practice at the department of dentoalveolar and maxillofacial surgery in the J. A. Reimann Hospital in Prešov, as well as practice at the private clinic of MUDr. Alexander Medzihradský, an enthusiast for new technologies, in Košice.

I actively participate in the project Healthy Smile, where we educated children in school and pre-school age about oral hygiene. However, the same applies to every client – as I am aware of the importance of prevention, I always explain to clients why the problem occurred and how its recurrence can be prevented.

That is usually followed by what is for me the biggest reward – a happy smile of the patient.

About us

The heart of our dental clinic, its guarantor and our inspiration, is Doc. MUDr. Martin Tvrdoň CSc. We are a specialised team of dentists with years of experience, thus giving you the certainty of top care for fair price. However, our objective is to offer you much more in order to feel as you are at YOUR dentist when visiting the Dr. Martin dental clinic.


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