DOC. MUDR. MARTIN <strong>Tvrdoň</strong>, CSC

Associate professor Tvrdoň is both the soul and guarantor of our clinic. We are proud of his pedagogy activities, including 46 years at the Prosthetic Department of the Stomatology Department of the Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University in Bratislava and in the Oncology Institute of St. Elisabeth [Onkologický ústav Sv. Alžbety, s.r.o.]

His rich professional career included also work abroad: at the Faculty of Medicine and hospital in Constantine in Algeria, in Misrata in Libya, as well as in the Swedish Healthcare Centre in United Arab Emirates.

Lectures and study visits:


Presented his own original works of scientific and clinic results in:

  • USSR on invitation of the Minister of Health of the USSR – Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg, 1974
  • Germany at the Congress of European Prosthodontics Association (EPA), Dresden, 1987
  • Hungary on invitation of the Faculty of Medicine in Budapest, 1991
  • at FDI World Dental Congresses (Milan, 1991 and Vancouver, 1994)
  • at ADA congresses (Orlando, 1992 and San Francisco, 1993)
  • at Dental College, Oklahoma, 1992
  • Loyola University – Dental College, Chicago 1992
  • Private Laser Dental Clinic, Oregon, 1992
  • in NIH-NIDR, Bethesda, Maryland, 1993.
  • at 4th Congress of Dental Medicine, Misrata, Libya, 22 – 24 April 2008

At home

  • Interdent Bratislava, First International Conference in Dental Medicine, May 1994
  • Slovak Dental Days, Bratislava, international conference in dental medicine, October 2007
  • Dental Show – international conference in dental medicine in Slovak and Czech Republic
  • Olomouc, 9 September 2008
  • Košice, 3 October 2008
  • Trenčianské Teplice, 13 November 2008
  • Zlín, 14 November 2008
  • Prague, 15 November 2008

Patents and new methods in dental medicine

  • Laser tip for drilling teeth, CS patent, 1969
  • Removable dentures with flexible edges, CS patent, 1983
  • Classification of dental defects according to size and location in dental arch, presented in 1983
  • Intracoronary fixed dental bridge, first publication in “CS Stomatológia”, 1992
  • Fixed bridge with glass interlinks, first publication in “Dental Tribune”, October 2007

Other activities:

  • Member of delegation of the Minister of Health of the Slovak Republic at Euro-WHO in Denmark
  • Founder and first chairman of the Laser Centre at the Comenius University, 1992 – 1994
  • Chairman of the organisational committee of the International Conference on Using Laser in Medicine, Bratislava, 1994
  • Representative of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic at the meeting of the Health Committee of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, June 1995
  • Three years as the chairman of the National Health Fund Council at the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic 1996 – 1998
  • Adviser to the Minister of Health of the Slovak Republic, 1996 – 1998

About us

The heart of our dental clinic, its guarantor and our inspiration, is Doc. MUDr. Martin Tvrdoň CSc. We are a specialised team of dentists with years of experience, thus giving you the certainty of top care for fair price. However, our objective is to offer you much more in order to feel as you are at YOUR dentist when visiting the Dr. Martin dental clinic.


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